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Welcome to HIWI !

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Company Profile

HIWI Company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in China, specializing in the field of auto spare parts, with 2 factories and 500+ employees.

In the principle of “Innovation and the main focus on customers’ satisfaction” , we have continuously improved our products quality and service for over 20 years. Our auto parts sell well in overseas market with good reputation. We can provide to our customers over 10000 kinds of auto parts at competitive prices. Our parts are applicable for Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Peugeot, Renault, Opel, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Daewoo and other European, American, Japanese cars. All of them are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other regions in the world.

Both the company and our suppliers utilize the advanced treatment technology, as well as the first class production and testing equipment to produce top quality auto parts. We have set up a complete and perfect quality assurance system and obtained ISO9001,QS9000 as well as TS16949 certificates. We have established a quality inspection center and equipped it with advanced testing and inspection devices to guarantee the stability of our products. In addition, the company built a research and development center. It’s our permanent commitment to our customers to continuously develop innovative products.We have kept good cooperation relationship with our over 1000 suppliers.

We supply training projects to suppliers in production process improvement and quality control, which guarantees our products quality. All the products have to be sent to our warehouses for re-inspection and repack. We have also improved our logistics facilities and expanded our warehouse capacity to 8000 square meters to ensure our fast delivery of goods.

We are seeking continuous improvement and dedicated to be the preferred choice of customers through delivering top quality products and best services.

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The reason for cooperating with HIWI is that my original supplier  delivery was often delayed, which completely disrupted our shipping plan and increased our extra costs. I started to cooperate with HIWI with the mentality of trying. To my surprise, HIWI did not let me down. Timely delivery is very helpful for us to develop the market.

By Ricardo D.

The old supplier always sent me price increase notices, which forced me to find a new supplier. In this way, I met HIWI, the price of HIWI is relatively stable, which saves me from needing to explain to my clients why the price is always not stable.I had a great time working with HIWI.

By Hasan K.

My friend introduced me to HIWI and I was very happy after trying out the first collaboration. The whole negotiation process was very pleasant, and I was pleasantly surprised after receiving the goods. HIWI’s customized service is great. So let me start working with HIIWI for 8 years. HIWI, trustworthy.

By Sergei G.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Provide auto parts suitable for your market with competitive prices and quality!

Professional engineer

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Welcome to HIWI!

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Rose Gao
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Jonas Ran
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